Our mission

Historical facts and history itself are difficult to interpret. What makes it exciting is the role of the individual in the past and the influence of the past on the individual’s present life. Holistic History was created to showcase the past that still affects us today and the people who shaped that past. We bring forth projects that provide a more comprehensive and broader perspective on the role of the past within us.

After all, history is full of stories of resilience, courage, and triumph. By learning about historical figures who overcame challenges, we can find inspiration and hope for our own lives. It helps to gain a more comprehensive understanding of our own identities, leading us to respect ourselves, each other, and cultural differences even more. This is the holistic approach that encourages supportive healing.

Who am I?

Husband, Father, Team Builder, History enthusiast, and together with my wife, a gastronomy fanatic.

In 2012, I graduated from Budapest Corvinus University in Social Studies/Sociology, where I gained a comprehensive understanding of the influences, processes, and potential solutions to challenges that shape the structure of society.

Meanwhile, during nearly 15 years of self-awareness work, I have become acquainted with my inner driving forces and gained insight into the functioning of the human psyche.

In 2022, fulfilling my childhood dream, I successfully completed the Master’s program in History at Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Currently, I am researching the resilience of the population living under Ottoman rule in the 16th-17th centuries as my thesis topic.

In 2021, I launched Holistic History with the aim of bringing history closer to people and showcasing its healing power. In 2022, I obtained the Official Tour Guide qualification, which led to the creation of the historical tour in Vác, where I present the wonders of my hometown in a 2-hour experience.

Utilizing my knowledge about society and people gained from everyday life, I build a team at Factory FM with my brother, Bálint.

As much as possible, I spend all of my free time with my family, surrounded by history books, of course.

Ádám Cseh Ádám Cseh Ádám Cseh