#3Mária Molnár a Hungarian missionary of the Reformed Church in Hungary

Mária Molnár
a Hungarian missionary of the Reformed Church in Hungary
(Várpalota, 1886 – Admirality Islands, 16.march 1943.)

3 x 3 about Mária Molnár:

3 serious facts:

  1. She is the most notable Hungarian missionary of the Reformed Church in Hungary
    She was one of those rare people – the only one among Hungarians – who undertook a mission between the two WWs. Her faith is important to us, since she became a martyr of the Reformed Church in Hungary, a victim of the Second World War on the Pacific.
  2. She lived and worked on Manus Island for 15 years, which is part of Papua New Guinea and is the largest of the Admiralty Islands.
  3. She spent 7 years on Pityilu during her first visit. In 1935, she returned to Hungary for a short visit. She carried her ethnographic collection with her, which can now be visited in Sárospatak. She returned to Manus island in 1936.

3 reasons why we look up to her:

  1. During WW1 she nursed wounded soldiers as a voluntary nurse. At the isolation hospital she had to handle diseases such as smallpox, typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, scarlet fever, rubeola, malaria. The ones that she later had to battle on her mission. She was awarded with the Silver Merit of the Kingdom of Hungary along with the Medal of Valour for her service on the frontlines.
  2. She did social and pastoral work in prisons, hospital wards for suicide people and for “failed girls”.
  3. On the day of the outbreak of WWII all German, Dutch and English missionaries were withdrawn immediately. Mária Molnár was the one of the few people who didn’t leave her watchpost and stayed even during the japanese occupation of Manus Island risking martyrdom, which indeed happened later.

3 juicy facts:

  1. 3 months after arriving on Manus Island she was sent to Pitylu Island. The two islands are connected by a channel which is 5 km long. She often did the distance swimming when she had to commute.
  2. The girl school on Pitylu island bears her name as a posthumous fulfillment of her dream to create such a school there. Even today the bell which was sent there by Hungarian reformists is the one calling the worshippers to prayer.
  3. She spent 15 years among the papuans. She was a doctor, midwife, nurse, preacher, pastor, firefighter and if needed an expert on human rights at the same time. She learned their language and translated parts of the Bible and religious chants. A manifest of her work is that the Gospel of Mark is published in Pitlylu language.

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