#2 Lujza Blaha

Lujza Blaha (born Reindl Ludovika)
(September 8, 1850. Rimaszombat – January 18, 1926. Budapest)
Hungarian actress, „the nightingale of our nation”

3 x 3 about Lujza Blaha:

3 serious facts:

  1. She married her first husband, János Blaha, at the age of 16 in Szabadka, in February, 1866. János, who was a Czech conductor, was 37 at the time. He was her musical educator and mentor. For the sake of her beautiful and gifted pupil he even learned Hungarian! In gratitude, she wore his name until the very end of her life.
  2. She was the most significant representative of Hungarian folk drama. Owing to her the Theatre of Folk began to prosper.
  3. The square in front of the theatre was named after her by the Counsel of Labour on 20 March, 1920, celebrating her 70th birthday.

3 reasons why we look up to her:

  1. She became widely known in the world of the Austrian operetta thanks to her guest appearance in Vienna. The CarlTheatre would have liked to sign a contract with her, albeit she refused the offer, stating she wanted to remain a Hungarian actress.
  2. She starred in an educational motion picture series called „The Dance” produced by Gyula Pekár in 1901. This piece of art is considered to be the first creation in Hungarian cinematography.
  3. In 1901, the National Theatre established its life membership. The first person to be awarded was Lujza Blaha. She was honoured by Kálmán Széll, prime minister, on 2 March, 1901.

3 juicy facts:

  1. She first stepped on stage at the age of 7 in the Spa Hotel of Esztergom, on 22 April, 1856.
  2. During his visit to Budapest, even the Duke of Wales was eager to see her. He could not take his eyes off of the stage! He encored for several songs while cheering and leaning out of his box seat. He was fascinated by Mrs. Blaha’s performance, so accompanied by earl István Károlyi, he went up the stage and greeted her with flowers – during the show!
  3. She died of pneumonia in 1926. Her funeral service was held in the National Theatre from where the hearse was accompanied to the cemetery on Kerepesi street. Meanwhile, 200 gypsy musicians were playing her songs. Not only famous colleagues and politicians, but a hustling crowd of nearly hundred thousand people said their least good-bye that day.

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